Gele Huis-concerten

Tijdens het afgelopen Gele Huis-concert trad pianist Jorian van Nee op. Hij voerde werken uit van Chopin, Ravel, Monpou, Rachmaninoff en eigen composities – een boeiend concert met enthousiast publiek.

Er staat ook alweer een nieuw concert gepland: op zondagmiddag 8 september 2024 zaterdag 17 februari 2024 treedt pianist Frederic Voorn op. Nadere informatie volgt.

           a beautiful new year

I wish you a beautiful new year, a year especially, in which peace becomes a reality

" eight, nine..." Hare mumbled in his moustache. "Owl! I didn't hear you coming at all. It frightens me completely. It makes me tremble!"

Annoyed Owl chattered his beak. "How do things stand now, Hare?"

"Uh... pretty well, sure enough." With his front leg Hare pointed to the twigs he was laying down in long rows, ten next to eachother on the Large Field. "Why not stop for a while. Owl? Do someting a little different?"

Again Owl chattered his beak. Louder now. His yellow ochre eyes looked like fire balls. "Go through with it, Hare! We have not finished yet. Thousands of wood pigeons have now joined in. I'm shortly flying to the High Wood and the Green Leaves Wood and after that to the Far Away Wood. Tomorrow all pigeons will come together in this field. And all of them take an olive branch in their beaks. Where they drop it an olive tree will grow. All those trees can bring peace."

"Yes well, Owl, but if those trees are cut down, or fall down because they are thirsty when it doesn't rain. And if..."

Owl's beak chatter cut straight through Hare's long ears. "Yes but... all these ifs and buts. Let's simply start doing something, let’s just believe in it, then... perhaps..."

Owl seemed to grow smaller. Greyer. His voice sounded hoarse. But at once he rose, spread his wings and flew away, silently, just as he'd flown in.

video of a 'Weekend of Art', May d'Arthonnay May Arthonnay 2022

video exhibition, 1 - ENG, 2 - NL