hidden green

In 2014 the town of Apeldoorn has approximately 130,000 inhabitants. A medium-sized town. So there are high rise buildings, asphalt, junctions with traffic lights or roundabouts, stony public places, open air or covered shopping streets and parkings. The agricultural past has been erased thoroughly. Or so you would think. And then you halt for a moment on the asphalt at an unimpressive cyclists’ thoroughfare and you think: what’s there to see further down… ?

In this booklet I show a couple of these ‘hidden green spaces’. You leave the main road, jolt along a narrow track and in the middle of the urban terror you suddenly find yourself in another world. Or in another time. You went through the gate: the first picture. The following show you what remains hidden behind it for the hurried human being.

Spaces to cherish, as a town, as a town official, all this hidden green.

photos of the booklet: Medea Huisman