Suitcase full of dreams

By the end of 2017 Bertine Bosch of Kunststation Delden (Art Station Delden) invited artists to leave “a Luggage artwork for safe keeping”. The reason for this was the grand opening in Art Station Delden of the First and Third Class Waiting Room and of the former Left Luggage Office at the historically correct spot. The exhibition formed part of the long running project BLIKveld 3d (Field of vision) ‘Journey through time’ by MIKC, a concept of Janneke Kornet. For this exhibition Janneke made ‘journey sweets’.

Jan van Nijlen’s poem ‘Message for he travellers’ had been hanging in my work-place for a long time – ‘Never board the train without your suitcase full of dreams’… Sometimes life is simple. In my ‘Suitcase with dreams’ I have visualized elements from the poem.

Message for the travellers

Never board the train without your suitcase full of dreams
then you’ll find decent accommodation in every town.

Sit quietly and patiently beside the open window:
you are a traveler without a name.

Search in the past for your sweet child’s eyes,
look nonchalant and keen, dreamy and elated.

All you see growing on the black spring land,
be convinced: it was planted just for you.

Have salesmen say a few words about
film censorship: God smiles and chooses his hour.

Greet the station masters behind their green railings graciously,
because without their signals not a single train would ever leave.

And when the train refuses to steam on, at the very expense of
your joy and hope and hard-earned money,

keep calm and open your suitcase: draw things from what is in
and you will find that not a single hour is lost.

And should the train arrive at a strange place,
which you have never heard of in your life,

then you have reached your goal, then you will learn what
travelling really means for wanderers and the true sages…

And most of all do not be surprised that, along ordinary trees,
a very simple train takes you to the heart of Rome.

Jan van Nijlen
Translation: Henk Francino

(published: 1934, 'Geheimschrift' and 1964, 'Verzamelde gedichten 1903-1964', publisher Van Oorschot)