My photography is all about reflecting on form, structure. On the light angle. Atmosphere. I am looking for stillness and beauty. A plea for looking, really seeing. Experiencing that it really yields new pictures when you pay attention to it all, to the details.

K. Schippers puts it this way in ‘Liefdesgedicht’ (Love poem): You do not need the things / so that you can see / the things need you / so that they can be seen (K. Schippers, Een leeuwerik boven een weiland (A skylark over a field). Amsterdam, Querido, 1980)

The thing that fascinates me are the images I find. They do already exist. I do not edit, do not deal with staging them, it is all about finding. What I show could have been seen by anyone present, too, at that spot. But… see Schippers. That ‘seeing’ sometimes happens in a split second, more often it is the result of a miraculous sort of interaction between me and the object.

See in my photos what you want to see. What it is, where… ah…