Jamming drawers



Starting point for the text was was the (anonymous) senryū: Als ik mij kwaad maak, / wil de lade van mijn kast / niet meer opengaan. (When I become angry / the drawer of my cupboard will not open.)

Jamming drawers is an essay about fury that apparently developed because of a jamming drawer, a search for the cause of the fury with the main character, but also a search among psychologists and philosophers for what fury really is, a search for what senryū really is and for the precise text of ‘my’ senryū', with the help of other very helpful poets.

Two photo series have been added to the text; of wood and of roses, both text subjects.

I made a couple of booklets by hand, one of them with a design pointing to the origin of the senryū: Japan. The text is in Japanese characters, mainly in white and red, and I used a Japanese binding.

In 2021 'Klemmende laden' has been published

I sent publisher Dick Ronner the text. Nice text, let's do it, he let me know.https://www.zolderman.nl/vliedorp/  Price: € 20,00 ex delivery-charges