Jamming drawers



Starting point for the text was was the (anonymous) senryū: Als ik mij kwaad maak, / wil de lade van mijn kast / niet meer opengaan. (When I become angry / the drawer of my cupboard will not open.)

Jamming drawers is an essay about fury that apparently developed because of a jamming drawer, a search for the cause of the fury with the main character, but also a search among psychologists and philosophers for what fury really is, a search for what senryū really is, and for ‘my’ senryū, with the help of other poets.

Two photo series have been added to the text; of wood and of roses, both text subjects.

In 2017 I made six booklets, with identical content, but with different covers. As usual the cover points to the content; all books have a small element used for opening drawers, some also have keys.

A year later I made another booklet, with a shortened text. This time I chose a design pointing to the origins of the senryū, Japan; the text is in Japanese characters, mainly in white and red, and a Japanese binding.

In 2021 'Klemmende laden' could be published

I sent publisher Dick Ronner the text. Nice text, let's do it, he let me know.https://www.zolderman.nl/vliedorp/  Price: € 20,00 ex delivery-charges